Do you want to experience a versatile artistic event that can be experienced by hearing, tasting and enjoying music and art?

Join us in Åland on September 29-30, 2018. Become a privileged Havets Röst Friend and we will take you to the best seats in the Alandica Concert Hall, arrange transport to Smakby for a tasteful lunch...

Two singers unfortunately needed to cancel their participation, but we are happy to announce two additions to the semifinalist list: Swedish sopranos Amanda Liljefors and Annika Sandberg. All semifinalist are going to be introduced on the Havets Röst FB event starting August 20th. Stay tuned!

Havets Röst Semifinalists 2018:

Bryngelsson Mathilda,...

The 20 semifinalists of the 2018 Havets Röst competition are
(in alphabetical order):

Bryngelsson Mathilda, mezzosoprano, Sweden
Carlström Maria, soprano, Sweden
Durán Sebastian, baritone, Sweden
Gunnari Mattias, tenor, Sweden
Hernández Toppari Iris, soprano, Finland
Huse Eira, mezzosoprano, Norway
Hölttä Marika, soprano, Finland
Kjellberg Lydia,...

"Havets Röst was the first international competition for me to win. So naturally I have only good memories from the whole process. But what I would like to point out is that despite of being a small competition, it had a very good team, both the jury and the pianist! Also, it had surprisingly many good singers whom I had...