Applications deadline postponed to 15.5.2020


Dear Singers!

Everybody knows that the whole World is in a turbulent situation because of the Corona. We who are working in the field of culture, Singing, are totally dependent on our body being able to deliver the sound as a bridge from us to the ears listening in the audience. No one knows what is eventually going to happen, but there is still hope.

Let's hope there will a possibility to get together in August 22 and Sing! If we have to postpone the competition, the chosen semifinalists will be singing then also. Let's not lose hope for everything getting gradually back to the "normal" - though it's never the same as it was.

We understand that it is really difficult to make recordings and getting ready these days. Practice rooms and halls are closed, so it's really difficult to practice, not to mention the constant worry about the nearest and dearest and sometimes even one self. And it can be even too much to ask, to be so close to your pianist for recording.

That is why new decisions have been made:


1. We have prolonged the application time to May 15th (15.5.) and the result of the semifinalists will be announced on May 29th (29.5.).

2. You can send us older recordings, or courageously sing without an accompaniment! Our jury's professional ear can hear the difference, quality, and purity of the sound, interpretation of your song or aria, and the dramatical touch you want to deliver. The most important is to send the material required and the competition program no later than 15.5!

3. We are happy to announce that we allow singers who are permanently living, working, or on university (or conservatory) level studying in a Nordic or Baltic country, to participate. This is possible, if you can show a document of your right for studying, a contract with an opera house or a theatre, or a document of permanent address in these countries. We think this is only fair, when competing on the same artistic market as all young professionals born in these countries.

Do not hesitate to ask questions! We try to give the right answers!

You are most welcome to apply!

Best wishes,

Sångvik rf.