You are eligible to apply for this competition if you are a classical singer from Nordic or Baltic country (born or studying or permanently living), and born during or after 1990.

Include the following:
1. Video recording including o
ne Classical Song and one Aria = maximum duration 10 minutes. This can be older recording or without an accompaniment.
YouTube / Dropbox link or other such medium online. Not as an email attachment.
2. Close-up photo as .jpg, resolution min. 300 dpi.
3. Short resumée / CV (as .doc(x), or .pdf)
incl. name, contact information, vocal range,
shortly of studies, shortly of career
4. Copy of ID or passport (.jpg / .pdf) and a study certificate from your university or conservatoire IF you are NOT Nordic or Baltic citizen.

5. Program for Semifinal and Final  (one change can be made before October 30, 2020):

Semifinal (max duration 10min)
1. One Nordic Song of personal choice – 
original language
2. One Classical Song from 1920s – original language
3. One Aria (Opera, Oratory, Cantata) – 
original language and key

(max duration 10min)

One (1) Classical Song / Lied / Romance / Chanson of personal choice - original language and
one (1) Opera Aria of personal choice in epoque

Two (2) Opera Arias of personal choice in epoque




INFORMATION OF THOSE ACCEPTED ON 15.10.2020 (close to midnight).

Semifinalists need to confirm their participation by paying an enrollment fee of 75 (seventy-five) euros not later than 30.10.2020. Bank info is given by email.

Evaluation Rules

Recordings: DL/30.9.2020

Your recordings will be evaluated by the entire Jury. The producer will send the recordings for evaluation, directly to each member of the Jury, individually, without discussion. Each member has 1–5 votes for each applicant. The evaluation list will then be sent back to the producer alone, for her eyes only, showing what each individual member of the Jury has voted. The points will then be counted and the list of 5 semifinalists completed. The Jury will attend the entire competition.

Semifinals: 28.11.2020 at 11.00

After listening to all 20 singers, each member of the Jury will present a list of the first 8 singers they would like to hear singing in the finals. The Chair of the Jury collates the names to be considered the obvious ones, the ones that everyone has listed. Among those, also mentioned and supported, the number of votes indicate the correct order. If the votes are even, there will be a vote by raised hand.

IN ALL SITUATIONS THE TWO DISTINGUISHED MEMBERS OF THE JURY HAVE TWO VOTES EACH against THE ONE VOTE, which the primary Jury members (3), who represent the arranging organisation Sångvik rf., have.

Finals: 28.11.2020 at 19.00

After having listened to all 8 singers, the Chair of the Jury will ask each member of the Jury for 3 names on paper, in the order of their preference.

The result is clear, if one of the singers has been given first place on every paper. If the votes are altogether 7, the winner is the one, who has been given the highest number of votes. And the second is clear in the same way.

Conflict of Interest:

If any of the members of the Jury are ineligible to evaluate a contestant/contestants, by being their teacher, a close friend or relative to one or several of the singers, their voting is prohibited.

Discussion during evaluation is kept to a minimum. The ruling principle is based on the sincere respect of expertise, and of the Jury members ability to take into consideration the shared and agreed-upon values of the aim and spirit of the Havets Röst – The Voice of the Sea competition.