From the 19 semifinalists, 8 were selected to the Final:

Amanda Liljefors, soprano, Sweden
Karin Osbeck, mezzosoprano, Sweden
Viktor Priebe, counter tenor, Sweden
Simone Sand Victor, soprano, Denmark
Maria Carlström, soprano, Sweden
Sebastian Durán, baritone, Sweden
Marika Hölttä, soprano, Finland
Minna-Leena Lahti, soprano, Finland

Final Results of Havets...

PRESS RELEASE 19.9.2018:
Voice of the Sea Competition is just around the corner and the jury has a new face: Swedish Royal Court Singer Loa Falkman is replacing baritone Gabriel Suovanen, who unfortunately had to cancel his participation. Baritone Loa Falkman brings a substantial addition to the jury work with his expertise as an opera singer,...

Majoitus- ja lippupaketti 137,50e / hlö sis. liput sekä semifinaaliin että finaaliin ja majoituksen Hotell Pommernissa. Lisätiedot: