Introducing the semifinalists on FB


In a little over a month, we will know who is the winner of the 2nd Havets Röst Competition. Find your favorite from our excellent semifinalists who are going to be introduced on our FB page one by one. Kristine Nowlain is our first semifinalist in spotlight. Here are some of her thoughts:

"I have always lived by the sea, from San Francisco to Öland, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Gothenburg, Stockholm and now Malmö. The sea has always inspired me, in all of its moods and mystical forces. To become the next Havets Röst would mean a great deal to me, as it would show that I succeeded in communicating the nuances of the music I chose to perform and in creating the connection with the audience that I strive for as an artist. It will also be the first international competition that I will participate in, and it is especially exciting to do so on Åland. I look forward to sharing the stage with such talented singers and pianists, performing for what I believe will be a loving audience and a very strong jury. To become the next Havets Röst would truly be an honor."

Link to FB: