Semifinalists 2018


The 20 semifinalists of the 2018 Havets Röst competition are
(in alphabetical order):

Bryngelsson Mathilda, mezzosoprano, Sweden
Carlström Maria, soprano, Sweden
Durán Sebastian, baritone, Sweden
Gunnari Mattias, tenor, Sweden
Hernández Toppari Iris, soprano, Finland
Huse Eira, mezzosoprano, Norway
Hölttä Marika, soprano, Finland
Kjellberg Lydia, soprano, Sweden
Lahti Minna-Leena, soprano, Finland
Lehmussaari Tessan-Maria, soprano, Finland
Miettola Tuomas, tenor, Finland
Nowlain Kristine, soprano, Sweden
Osbeck Karin, mezzosoprano, Sweden
Priebe Viktor, counter tenor, Sweden
Rauvala Saara, soprano, Finland
Sjösvärd Linnéa, coloratura soprano, Sweden
Sårheim Nora Oleanne, soprano, Norway
Victor Simone Sand, soprano, Denmark
Vänttinen Jussi, baritone, Finland
Ylipää Tiitus, baritone, Finland

Congratulations to all and THANK YOU to all the participants! There were so many talented singers that we would have wanted to take as well, but unfortunately could not. Carry on singing and take part the next time!