Become a Havets Röst Friend


Do you want to experience a versatile artistic event that can be experienced by hearing, tasting and enjoying music and art?

Join us in Åland on September 29-30, 2018. Become a privileged Havets Röst Friend and we will take you to the best seats in the Alandica Concert Hall, arrange transport to Smakby for a tasteful lunch on the day of the competition (Saturday 29th) as well as open the door to Anders Wiklöf's fabulous private art collection of the early 1900s on Sunday the 30th.

After the competition, you will be able to meet and greet the singers during "Cooling Off" festivities! You also have a special price to stay at the Hotel Arkipelag right next to the concert hall: Single 80€, double 100€ but only if you register quickly!

We are happy to tell you more about our activities and appreciate all your suggestions and comments on how to improve the arrangements.

Come with us! Be a supporter of the art of singing, a supporter of young promising talents, a witness to the early days of the upcoming stars. Make life more beautiful with us! As a Havets Röst Friend, you support our work to ensure the continuation of Havets Röst competition.

How to proceed:
1. Pay the annual fee of 40 € to Ålandsbanken FI58 6601 0001 0030 60 (AABAFI22) recipient: Sångvik rf
2. Email us your preferred contact information (address, email address, telephone number) so that we will reach you with time-specific information on our activities, master courses, concerts, etc.
3. Tell your friends also and take them with you *

Havets Röst - Meren Ääni - Voice of the Sea Competition 29.9.2018
Semifinal at 11.00am, Final at 7.00pm in Alandica Kulturhuset, Mariehamn, Åland

Finnair flies from Helsinki to Mariehamn 29.9. in the morning
Ferries take back at Mmdnight or Finnair in the evening on 30th at 21.15 -> 22.10.

Additional information and photos from the first competition in 2017 on our website

Warm hugs and thank you! Welcome!
Annika Ollinkari-Fagerholm
+ 358 40 5309362
Artistic manager - Havets Röst, Sångvik rf

"The organizer Sångvik rf is an idealistic non-profit registered association aiming for offering good experiences and thrills for art and music lovers.
We want to be part of the inexhaustible circle of song and the well-being of human spiritual life, part of the natural non-instrumental expression of the multiple artists' unified art with which the classical song is carried out from heart to heart. It is a demanding art form for both the artist and the listener. It involve senses, synesthesias, associates the whole life lived and the reality of the listener and lifts the singer to an invisible bridge from composer to the poet to the listener. All this happens on the terms of the recipient, in a state. We wish that space to be beautiful, inspired by nature, respectful to it and owing its strength to it. This is why we invite the young artists in a disguise of a competition to Åland to present their own creative interpretations of arias and lied and romance classics, but also of songs of their own lifetime.
Havets Röst brings together singers from the Nordic and Baltic countries. In this respect, the idea of this competition is new and promotes cooperation between the immediate neighbours by bringing together their common musical traditions. Our goal is the interaction of artists and the encounter of friends of singing. We hope the talents and views to mix and become a tradition of creating something new."