Meren Ääni - Voice of the Sea Competition - Mariehamn, Åland



"En röst att förena kulturella intressen i renare levnadssätt, vänskap, gemenskaplighet                           och passion för befrämjandet av högre kulturarv och musik!"

Singing is the most natural and purest energy that humans can communicate with. It is the genuine force that sends feelings on their way! Who can sway the waves, form the foam on them, who can reflect the sky on the water?

In Åland it still is possible to sence the wild nature and as it is surrounded by the sea, there we are constantly reminded of Mother Nature's power. This serves as a symbol for our aim to find the genuinity, the source of creative power in an artistic mind of a young singer; to develop, to nurture the art, not by repeating but creating something new from an older tradition.

Come join us in Åland on September 2. 2023 !

Mikael Fagerholm, Chair of the Jury
Annika Ollinkari-Fagerholm, Artistic Manager

photo: Ida K Jansson